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Day 28 of my Journey in the “Lifestyle Initiative” Program

There are not enough words in the English Dictionary to describe the gratitude I have for all the wonderful staff at 4 Points Health & Wellness.

Only after such a short time…I already feel like I am part of a family/community and that’s exactly what I needed. It took me almost a week to submit my application for this program. I was so ashamed, embarrassed of my life situations, body & mind. My life had hit rock bottom x 10 & I was a complete mess.

Fitfest Edmonton

Shelley at Fitfest, Feb 2018

These past two years, have been the hardest in my entire life, there is nothing that we didn’t have to face or go through; my son’s burn accident, his diagnosis of Epilepsy, my daughter diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis/Uvetitis, financial problems, closure of our business, family mental health issues, family addictions, family death, countless surgeries…. THE LIST keeps on going & going for a mile long. I could never catch a break, every time one issue would be dealt with another would arise. I consider myself a strong individual and can take a lot…BUT MY BODY & MIND couldn’t anymore.

I was exhausted & physically shutting down.

I suffered 2 years with many of my own health issues; IBS, Insomnia, chronic knee/back/neck pain, chronic fatigue, no appetite, high amounts of stress, mood disorders and the “D” word I hate (depression). I WAS so tired, I could barely function. MY body was telling me to STOP but I knew I had to keep going.

When I got the phone call from 4 Points, I was actually at the hospital (again) with my daughter for her appendix surgery. I COULDN’T believe I was 1 of the 4 that was selected. I was sooooo happy I couldn’t stop crying. Alyssa & Stephanie told me…”It’s now our time to take care of you”…. I’ve never had anyone say that to me before. I was completely in SHOCK.

A month has passed…and it hasn’t been easy but all the gains I’ve had IS TOTALLY WORTH IT! I know I have many more goals to hit & more improvements to make. BUT I am totally not ashamed of where I am today. My goal from the beginning was to celebrate daily victories, make myself a priority & not to beat myself up for what I miss. Though my schedule is completely hectic & jammed with hospital/doctor visits, it feels so good to finally have dedicated time for myself.

What my 4 points health & wellness schedule looks like in a typical week?

Monday- Personal Training with Andrea

Tuesday- Afternoon- Chiropractor Appointment with Dr.Brett | Evening-YIN YOGA with Shauna (MY NEW FAVOURITE THING TO DO) 1.5 hours of quietness and still movement

Wednesday- Group fitness class with Alyssa (my coach)

Thursday- 6am Personal Training with Andrea | Afternoon- Chiropractor

Friday- Neurofeedback with Stephanie Followed by Yin Yoga with Alyssa


Sunday- Alternate weeks


Week 2 – Mobility Release with Randy

After only 3 weeks of Chiro adjustments, aside from the pain & soreness, I am finally able to stand straight. I feel less tension in my knee, allowing me to do movements that I wasn’t able to before, and my neck no longer stiffens & locks on me. Thank you Brett. Having Yin Yoga in my schedule twice a week, I’ve seen a huge improvement with my flexibility, I can finally touch my hands to the floor bent over.

Haven’t been able to do that for YEARS! #winwin

The practice has effected me very emotionally and is clearing a lot from the inside. The calmness coming into my life is mind-blowing, and unable to explain the feeling. I have lost 3 lbs this month (which is always awesome) its no longer what I am focusing on. The number to me doesn’t matter but how I feel overall does. My personal training/group workouts have been challenging; its hard to start from scratch again. Everything is challenging, tiring & sore.

BUT I am finally starting to see the wins. I AM SO happy to be able to do squats with little to no pain. #win Food has always been an issue for me; not eating enough, skipping meals, not prepping food & going long periods of time without eating because I was busy. I’ve tried lots of diets & I hated all of them. MY goal with Nutrition was not to diet, I didn’t want my children seeing me count calories, or cutting out foods I liked because “I needed to lose weight”. I AM not dieting I AM Living a healthy lifestyle. Overall in just a month, I FEEL FANTASTIC. I am ok with where I am today & excited for whats to come. The “Shelley” I lost…is coming back. I am finally sleeping a full 6 hours at a time, eating 4-5 meals a day, little pain & I AM becoming a happier person again.

I COULDN’T have done any of this without my team at 4 Points Health & Wellness.

THANK YOU! Thanks for listening & following my journey. I hope by sharing my story, struggles & live experiences can help someone that feels the same. My Mantra for the next 5 months… “THIS JOURNEY IS A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT”!

– Shelley xo

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