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One month ago I started the Lifestyle Initiative at 4 Points Health and Wellness.

It’s been a busy first month with changing jobs, getting the routine set and following all the guidelines of the program. Let’s start off with the successes:


EATING: I’m going to put this in as a win. Learning to eat enough food daily and record it all while keeping a busy schedule is tough. I feel that I’ve been improving with this one. I subscribed to a meal prep program that delivers healthy prepared meals to your home that are nutritious and tasty. This makes the post work workouts a lot easier to deal with when I don’t have to think about having to cook supper or prep food for tomorrow. It’s also giving me ideas about what to cook when I start to do my own meal prep.

WEIGHT LIFTING: This is my biggest win this month. One of my goals is to lift a set weight for a workout. I want to develop my strength. So when Alyssa got me up to doing my deadlifts with 150lbs I have to say, I felt like a rockstar.

MOOD: I’ve seen a change in my anxiety and sleep over the course of the month. Part of that is due to the change in night time schedule and presleep patterns but a huge part of this can be attributed to weekly visits with Stephanie doing the neuro feedback.


Not everything is gonna be a win. If this was easy we wouldn’t need to do the program right? So here’s my list of things that aren’t failures but they’re the parts in need to keep improving on:

  • CARDIO: I need to be consistent with doing my cardio. My favorite thing is TRX but I tend to want to avoid the cardio. However, one of my goals is to run in the Disney big 3 next year so training this part is still essential.
  • TRACKING: Between the program, my job, having a social life and just living, I’m finding it a bit of a challenge to stay on top of everything and one of those is the tracking of meals, moods, etc.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Now this one is on the “room for improvement” list because while my weight hasn’t changed I need to focus more on how much the new muscles I’m gaining weigh vs how much the fat they’re replacing weighed.


My days end late after a long fully packed day of work, workouts, and people. I come home and close my door taking a breath in the quiet that is my home. My shoulders ache, and if I bend a certain way my core reminds me of the previous workout. I take the empty food containers out of my work bag and get them into the kitchen to be washed then sit down to decide if I am heading straight to bed or going to try to watch TV for a bit before bed.

This typical day doesn’t sound exciting but it does have a goal in mind and will be worth the effort. I’m still eager to see what next month will bring and the folks at 4 Points (staff and the clients) are amazing. The camaraderie that we share makes the long days easier and the friendly encouraging faces in classes spur each other on.

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