It’s been one month into the lifestyle initiative program at 4 points health an wellness an what a truly amazing month it has been.

When I first walked into 4 Points back in November 2016 I was not in a great place.

I have been fighting depression for over a year an was losing the battle. Especially on that crappy November day. I had been awake since 4ish in the morning in a deep deep depressed state an just wanted it all to end. Thankfully for my mom being very concerned about my state especially that morning forced me to get my ass off the couch cause we were going out to get a nice breakfast.

On are walk down 124th st that morning me an my mom were talking and she suggested that maybe I look into taking a yoga or health class. Now this kind of made me laugh a little bit to myself.

The day before I was on Facebook just watching random videos when I came across a post from 4 Points (randomly) and noticed they were located just down the road. So I brought that up an she told me if it’s that close we will stop in and check it out.

Of course we ended up walking right past it on our way down 124th (I’m terrible with addresses). We finally came across a yoga studio that helped me Google the address for 4 Points. After our breakfast we made our way there.

When we got in to the gym we were greeted by a gnarly breaded man with a huge smile on his face named Randy.

He explained that he had a class going on at the moment and that we could come back in 15 mins to talk. So we decided to start walking home. We were about a block away from the apartment when something just told me to turn around and go back.

When I got back I started talking to Randy. I let him know my concerns with my previous open heart surgery in 2010 and what I have been going through depression-wise. He told me to come in for a free personal training session. I was a little nervous going into work out with Randy for the first time, but by the end of our first session I was feeling the best I had felt in years.

When I got home that night my me and my mom could both see the difference in my mindset after only one workout. A few days later, I went back to 4 Points and payed for 10 personal training session with Randy.

During training with Randy he had mentioned that they were thinking of doing a program through 4 Points. During these 10 sessions with Randy I was still struggling with depression, almost daily. Although the personal training had help a crazy amount, it seemed like a never ending battle.

When we finally came to the end of our 10 sessions Randy had sat me down and told me that the program was a “go” and that they would like to offer me one of the spots in the program. I was honestly in a form of shock. I never thought an amazing opportunity like this would ever happen for me.

It was honestly a blessing.

The great family at 4 Points have helped me so much in the last month with my depression and anxiety by practicing yin yoga breathing techniques and training my brain to be in a calm state through neurofeedback.

In a recent yoga practice there was talk about loving yourself. It didn’t hit me till I got home that night where I was sitting and thinking. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I loved my self. So I decided that every day forth I would take the time to actually appreciate my self and where I am . With all I have learned in the last month from the amazing people at 4 Points I have been able to deal with my day to day depression and anxiety.

I still have a long way to go but with that being said I feel I have come so far already.

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