My Everest

I grew up in a small town, and spent most of my childhood outside, building forts, exploring and regular boy things. I loved being part of the beavers, cubs, scouts and ventures, and while doing those activities, I found and created my mantra for life.

I had watched numerous videos, read countless books about mountain climbing and hiking, backpacking anything I could get my hands on. Most stories are about overcoming hardships, physical, mental, emotional and financial. I had a goal of climbing the 7 summits (highest point on every continent) and my mantra became: “I’m training for Everest.”

Whenever I experienced something that was difficult and wanted to quit, whether it was physical, emotional, spiritual or financial hardships I was currently going through. it wouldn’t compare to the hardships faced on Everest, and I can’t quit on Everest, because quitting meant death.

So I pushed.

I have failed so many times at so many things that sometimes I want to quit. But if everything was easy and you had no struggle whatsoever, I think life would be pretty boring. So I haven’t given up. “I’m training for Everest.”

Before starting this program, I was a shell, and really depressed; no emotions, no drive, no ambition, hopeless. I felt lost, until I found the lifestyle initiative. I thought I might as well apply, I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So I applied and prayed. I was so excited (cautiously) when I got a call from 4 Points Health and Wellness!

Then I couldn’t sleep for a week, trying to predict potential questions and my answers. Preparing relentlessly. (I’m the type of person who is overly prepared for everything, “plan for the worst and hope for the best.”) I’m also an over thinker who replays everything over and over and over … I had my interview, and forgot everything I had prepared, I was devastated. But, was totally floored when I got the call that I had been selected as a participant for this life changing, once in a lifetime experience.

I’m training for Everest What a month it has been! I knew this program was going to be difficult, however, I really did not know how difficult.

The highs and low have been pretty drastic.

It feels like I’ve experienced every emotion possible, excitement, hope, determination, happy, then depression, sad, guilt, doubt, fear, anxiety, I’m training for Everest, elation, determination, hopeful, accomplished and vulnerable. A really good friend recently explained to me that when you have experienced emotional constipation for so long and start working on things you start to experience the opposite, emotional diarrhea. You get a flood of conflicting emotions, but the most important thing, is that I’m starting to feel!

When climbing Everest, in order to get to the top, you must climb it about 5 times. “Climb high, sleep low” and so on to acclimatize to the altitude. In order to experience the high you must contend with the low. I know that this journey will be hard, with setbacks and accomplishments and delays and it won’t follow my ideal path, but in the end it’ll worth it!

When dealing with the lows, I look at the changes I’ve made in the last month with the help of the team at 4 points:

  • Reduced my smoking habit from smoking a pack of cigars/day to smoking less than 2/day.
  • Spend the money saved from not smoking to buying fruits and veggies and actually eating them!
  • Start to reduce my medication for insomnia
  • More responsible with my finances.
  • Not eating out 4 days/week (fast food)
  • Drastically changed eating habits; instead of grabbing chips, candy, chocolate and a pop to watch a movie, I’m making a bowl of yogurt with mixed berries and granola, drinking my 3L of water and veggies and dip.
  • More organized at home.
  • Getting out of house more, instead of isolating and laying in bed.

I can’t thank the team at 4 points and my friends who are on this journey with me enough for the support and honesty.

This is my Everest!

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