Astrid’s 7 week TLI Update!

I love myself

“My biggest struggle is managing stress. I’m terrible at it. I replay things I did wrong in my head until I’m worked out about it and can’t sleep nor eat.

In the past 2 years I worked at a toxic work environment and was in a bad relationship that left me stressed and completely wrapped up in my own head of negativity that I couldn’t find ways out. This is where yoga comes in. The weekly Yin class is a time to connect with others in the community, catch up on our week and then work on lowering the stress levels through relaxation and breathing.

At the start of each yoga session, the instructor asks that you focus on an intention or mantra. When I started doing yoga I found the idea of setting a focus to be kind of weird. Why am I at yoga? To do yoga, duh. As time has gone on, I find that each time I sit on my mat I’m looking for something different. It isn’t just about getting the session done but rather the focus can be anything from “my” time, rest and rejuvenation, strength or one of a dozen others.

It’s a time to move my focus from the worries and the problems in my world and focus on breathing.

Just that, breathing.

This allows the body and mind to relax and process the stressful moments of the day in a more calm and focused manner. It also allows the body to heal and mitigate the physical damage stress does. I asked myself, How do I put that sensation into a mantra? What does that feeling of stress free living look like to me? I tried a few from “I am enough” to repeating the word “Joy” or “relax” but neither felt genuine. Then, while laying there in shavasana, Since starting the program my Tuesday Yin classes have taken on one mantra; I love myself.

Not the self that will be, nor the one that was but rather myself as is.

Self love is the thing that helps me let go of the feelings of not good enough, that allow me to brush off negativity and work towards the more relaxed and better self. It’s the thing that helps me get up when I stumble along this journey. It’s carried through to the early morning sessions, the afterwork workouts and everything else I do in my day. I even repeat it to myself on the days when I slip while in a pose and fall on my face, the mantra stands true.


Cause like RuPaul says, If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love someone else?”


Thank you Astrid!

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