“What can I say but absolutely love everybody there for all you have done for me.

I haven’t posted in awhile due to the fact I’m not very good at this kinda thing and don’t know what to talk about – and what not to talk about (lol) but with that being said…. the last month and a bit have been an unbelievably awesome adventure – with some uninspected insight!
Since I have started the lifestyle invited me as well as the other invites have had a mandatory yin yoga practice every week. Walking into my first yoga practice was honestly a little nerve racking to say the least. But by the time I walked out of the class I felt so at eased an relaxed… which is a hard thing for me to do!
Since then I have looked forward to every yin class I was going to. I had even booked my self into the Friday morning class with Alyssa. With all the yin yoga, breathing and meditation I have learned I have had a huge breakthrough in anxiety as well as depression (and my overall sense of health). I’m never going to stop practicing yin yoga.
Now while the program has been going on I have to say I’m in awe of the full staff at 4 points they have biggest caring hearts I’ve ever seen in humans and just want to see people succeed in life.
Seeing this on a daily basis made me have an idea. Since I have a love for yin yoga ( thanks to 4 points ) I kinda thought about maybe looking into taking a course to become an yoga instructor. I personally feel in just this short amount of time I have achieved so much due to the practices I personally would love to help others in the way it has helped me. This had been floating around my head for some time now… and one day I randomly brought it up to Stephanie during a Neurofeedback session and she thought was a great idea.
She told me to talk to Alyssa about it. I went home later that day and kinda sat there in self doubt about it but then finally decided to message Alyssa. She honestly made my day. Her response was just awesome lol. Made me feel like it wasn’t such a dumb idea of mine lol…….I have along way to go in my own yoga practice but as my instructors have said time and time again – it’s a life long practice.
But now I have an amazing new lifelong adventure in front of me all because of the amazing people at 4 points. You are a blessing.”
Thank you Patrick! 
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