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Let’s get to know our RMT Anna!

What is your nickname? (AKA…)
Don’t really have one… but One of my clients gave me the nickname “the punisher” once during a deep tissue massage…and sometimes people call me smiley.
What role do you play in the 4 Points team? *
I am a registered massage therapist
Describe what you do without actually saying it – think of it like, say what you provide people and how you serve them.
 I provide people with relief from sore and tight muscles so that they can live their lives with a little bit less stress and so they can give it their best effort when they are out there conquering their worlds!
What are your current goals or aspirations?
To keep learning different modalities as a massage herbalist so that I can help more people and I am also on the journey to becoming a yoga instructor.
What is a little-known-fact about you?
When I first moved to Alberta ( from NB) one of my first jobs in the city was driving a rock truck. I did it for 3 years and helped build the south ring of the Anthony Henday and lake summerside!
Do you have a hidden talent?
I once won a hula hooping contest that I hula-ed for 1 hour and 10 mins…does that count?
Name something you WISH you were good at – but not.
Bowling- just ask the team hahaha
What do you find most satisfying about your job?
That I get to help people feel better then they did when they walked through the door.
How would your best friend/partner describe you?
Quirky, nonstop energy with a sensitive side
Name one thing you are working on – in terms of self-improvement.
Being more mindful and not acting on impulse.
What is your favorite thing about living in Edmonton?
Summers in Edmonton are amazing. I love all the trees in Oliver, the river valley, the festivals and I love the people. Edmontonians hustle so hard throughout the winter, we smash goals, we hit the gym at 6am, we work long hours and then summer comes and we still work our butts off but we sure know how to let loose and have a good time too! It’s a perfect harmony!
What is your biggest weakness or fear?
Scuba diving… being under the water and breathing into a tank scares the s*** our of me. Also bungee jumping! No thanks.
Name the coolest/weirdest place you’ve ever been.
I did a three day back country hiking trip a year and a half ago and there is just something so cool about being that far away from civilization. No running water, no cell service, no place to run from bears if you saw one. ( we didn’t ) it really put a new perspective on life for me. It taught me to try to enjoy being in the moment… even when the going gets tough.
If you could eat one thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what would it be?
pizza… so many different flavour options… you would never get bored.
What book are your currently reading?
A yogis guide to following your intuition. It demonstrates each yoga pose and explains what it does for your body and mind and then the author shares a little story about something in her life that has to do with each one.
What are the last 4 pictures of that you took in your phone?
What I ate for dinner last night, a selfie because my bestie brought me a scarf back from Thailand and I couldn’t help it hahhaa, a picture of a vision board that I made during a girls night and of course a picture of my dog Vinny because I’m a little bit obsessed with taking pictures of him.
What are the words you live by?
Be yourself, life is too short to pretend to be anything else, the people that matter won’t mind and the people that mind don’t matter!
If you were any animal, what would it be?
My dog, he lives a pretty sweet life.
Is there anything else you want people to know about you? Like, your personal life, your goals, etc.?
Fitness and health has always been a huge part of my life and something I am very passionate about. I love helping people make fitness and health fun! I am also a spin instructor and was managing a gym before I went back to school to be a massage therapist.
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