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ICYMI: April was Neurofeedback month!


You may have heard about Neurofeedback, but aren’t sure what it is!
Well, you’re not alone.
We created a quick and quirky video showing the average Neurofeedback session – and why you need to try out this awesome brain-training technique.
Perfect for mental health issues or cognitive disorders, this treatment is natural, non invasive and non habit forming.
By training your brain you’re not only helping it become faster, but the results gained last longer and are outstanding!


Yin & Acupuncture

Cost $45 | May 5th 1:30 pm

In this workshop you will be guided through a 90 minute yin sequence. Following the yin series, you will be taken through a guided meditation in Sivasana as the acupuncturist helps facilitate relaxation through specific acupuncture techniques.

Dayna will select 6 Acupuncture points designed to reduce physical and mental stress, and increase relaxation. These points are located on your feet, head, and one on each ear. This workshop is designed to remove pools of stagnant energy that every day stress creates and allow your body to feel the power of its natural vitality and vibrancy.


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Yin & Massage

Cost $45 | June 8th – 7pm

A massage friendly gentle yin sequence, suitable for all levels. 5 massage therapists will be moving throughout the room giving massage during the poses – only 22 spots. This Event sells out every time so if you want to come grab your spot ASAP.
Cancellations must be made 36hours prior to event. No refunds will be given after this point.

2 door prizes

Candles, & scented oil will be used
Wear comfy full length pants and t shirt. No Shorts or just sports bras. Bring a blanket or long sleeve if you get cold easily.

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Education Night – June 7th

Topic will be announced soon!

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