Astrid celebrates the 3 month mark into The Lifestyle Initiative!

Halfway there… 

We are now over 3 months into the 6 month journey and I figured this was an ideal time to check in. There’s been some bumps but overall it’s definitely been improving. Let’s get started with the wins.


EATING: Food has always been a frustrating thing for me. I go through phases where I don’t feel like eating and can happily go the whole day without even thinking about it. This makes it even stranger to realize that I’ve become that person who cooks their food for the week on a Sunday and then consumes a regular amount of calories without having to really focus on it. Luckily I was able to start with a service to show me how to start with the meal prep. That was my biggest hurdle. Once I understood the how’s, I started to focus on what to make. On top of Andrea’s nutrition tips, Pinterest has been a great help with options and ideas. The best part has been the joy of cooking.

Overall it’s been great and allows me to grab and go, even on my busiest weeks.

WEIGHT LIFTING: This has become a favorite challenge. Through Alyssa’s help and supervision I have been pushing my weight numbers and am now up to 205lb deadlifts. I now have a new goal which I hope to reach before we end the program.

This extra strength has been noticeable in my daily life, especially when playing with my nephews. I am strong enough to lift/carry them without difficulty.

MOOD: My mood has leveled out and improved. The best result of my time doing Neuro with Stephanie has been the ability to sleep when I want. I’ve always struggled with consistent sleep and now I’m able to lay down and fall asleep quickly.

The neuro has also been a huge part of my ability to focus without feeling in a fog. The exercises have been fun and I’ve enjoyed increasing my scores week to week.

CARDIO: I used to run and enjoyed it but for a person with a knee/ankle injury it’s been a challenge. Thanks to Brett working on settling my knee/hips into place and Alyssa’s amazing efforts in strengthening the balancing muscles I can run again.

I didn’t think I was doing that well in the Cardio department however, after playing tag with the nephews (who are a rambunctious 4 and 6 years old) for 20+ minutes without stopping, I guess I’m doing better than I thought.


  • WEIGHT LOSS: Yeah, the weight isn’t cascading off the way I’d hoped. I mean there’s some minor inches gone but nothing super huge. I think focusing on proper sleep and eating (without cheating) will help this for my next check in.
  • CHEATING: Speaking of cheating,… Having the occasional cheat meal is okay. However, I tend to overdo it. Always. This month we were challenged to cut out something from out diet. For me this was sugar and processed foods. The foods I can do but as a huge fan of a certain donuterie and it’s delicious sweet coffee, I struggle. Lets see how I do with that next update.


The sunny weather has finally arrived and aside from the improved mood (thanks to the sun giving off plenty of good ol’ vitamin D) I’ve also started doing more outdoor activities. Rediscovering a love of roller skating, skate boarding, running and cycling is starting off my summer on the right foot. I did my first fun run dressed as a gorilla for a charitable cause. (See pic)

Supporting each other in the program has been a nice bonus but the friendships and bonds formed during this journey have been essential to the physical and emotional success. Knowing that when I get to class I’ll spend time with people that have a similar mentality and goals is wonderful. More and more they become part of my inner circle and we support eachother inside and outside of our 4 Points classes.

I’m excited to see what the next 2.5 months bring!


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