Shelley updates us with being 4 months into The Lifestyle Initiative

“You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit”…

Just over half way into the lifestyle initiative program, and let me tell you it’s been quite the journey so far. The program is everything I imagined and more. I never imagined to make such awesome friendships and have so much life support.

One thing I promised myself before the program started, was to make myself a priority, give it my all and never to give up.
Truth is I haven’t hit any of my goals that I set myself, which is very disappointing, but I did keep my promise to myself and that’s the rewarding thing.

It has been hard to stay committed with my chaotic life, doctor appointments & moving out of our home (of 8 years). Thankfully my determination and stubbornness came handy on a lot of days, giving me the strength to continue.
Also, having a whole team rooting and believing in me, has motivated me to continue.

Struggles I’ve had-

I didn’t lose weight on the scale it’s been over 3 months, but I’ve lost many inches 😀 which to me is even better. My clothes are fitting way nicer, less bulking when I sit and I’m beginning to see definition in places I haven’t seen defined in over 6 years. Maybe it’s the accountant in me that gets obsessed with numbers…but in true honesty, what the scale says doesn’t matter.

I still struggle with eating, my appetite has increased, but I am not able to digest the calories recommended. But I am eating 80% more than I was when we first started (I’ll take this as a #win).

My wins

There is not enough words of gratitude I could express on how thankful I am for this opportunity. I’ve had so many changes happen in my body, life, mind & spirits, over the past 4 months, I’m starting to feel human again.

Before starting this program I felt like I had nothing left to give, my tank was below empty and was running on fumes for a year. My whirlwind of a life is feeling like it’s finally coming together. I find myself dancing around the house again, laughing, enjoy playing with my kids and truly loving life.

The old me:

  • Always had knee pain
  • Never slept more than 2 hours (insomnia was my best friend)
  • Hated my body
  • Stressed to the max
  • Depressed
  • Exhausted all the time
  • Never made time for myself
  • Health sucked.

The new & improved me:

  • No more knee pain (still struggle with lower back/hip, it’s a work in progress)
  • I sleep a full 8 hours a night (never been able to do that in 6 years)
  • I truly love myself & my body
  • Stress in my life is beginning to settle (but with all the YiN, meditating & breathing I’ve learnt has helped immensely)
  • Most days I feel energized and full of life
  • Clothes are fitting better and inches are melting away
  • I haven’t had a IBS flare up in over 2 months

I give all the credit to all the staff at 4 Points for offering such amazing services, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for all of you!!

Honestly I feel amazing, but most of all I am proud of myself, for continuing to grow and change.

If I can do it with all the hurdles I’ve had to overcome, ANYONE can do it! Just belief in yourself, stay committed, celebrate the small successes and shake off the struggles.

For the next two months my goal is to just continue what I’m doing. ❤️
Everyday I make improvements and changes, but for today I am happy at where I am at.

Thank you Alyssa, Steph, Andrea, Brett, Chris & Randy for believing in me and for helping me.

To the other 3 amazing lifestyle initiative participants, Astrid, Patrick & Tyler, thank you for being so open with your stories, it’s been a privilege to be on this journey with you all.

Here is to another 2 amazing kick ass months…

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