“Over half way mark in the lifestyle initiative and holy cow so much has changed.

When I first began The Lifestyle Initiative, I had no idea what I was in for and no idea if I could see it to the end. Despite knowing that it would be good for me, I just had that outlook of doubt. Now, it’s almost at the end of the initiative and that outlook has changed entirely!

The biggest gain I feel I’ve made since the start is my state of mind. I no longer feel there’s nothing left for me. I don’t feel like giving up when I struggle, I now know I can push through and accomplish so much more then I ever thought. Yoga was the biggest teacher for me. As a young male I have made some bad life choices (to say the least) and with so came a negative attitude towards most things.

I thought yoga was more for women and I wouldn’t relate to it with my life’s struggles, but I was completely wrong.

When I was first told we had to do a mandatory yin yoga class (yin being the feminine, yang being masculine) I was on the fence. Ultimately I figured there is no harm in trying it, and really had no choice if I wanted to be on this program.

After the first class I truly felt that I was in the calmest state of mind I had been in… I don’t even know how many years! I felt uplifted, as opposed to my depression and anxiety that kept me hostage for months. By the third class I found a love for yoga that was so deep and meaningful I wanted to try as many different styles as possible.

I was practicing yoga 3 times a week at 4 Points Health, when it hit me.

I realized it had been a while since I had any negative thoughts and I was feeling genuinely happy with myself. I eventually decided to ask Alyssa how I could become a yoga instructor. Since discussing it, I’ve begun to prepare myself physically and mentally to attend a yoga teacher training course in Bali, Indonesia in November.

As Alyssa told me, it’s not going to be a holiday. She said I’ll have to sit for hours in a pose and meditate. She said it’ll be like my soul is getting ripped out of me and thrown back in. That all my deep and personal issues will come to light. At first, this kinda worried me but the more I’ve practiced and studied the more I realize this is what I need. In order to overcome the issues I’ve been holding onto and grow into the next stage of my life, I will need this life-changing journey.

I’m stoked to say I have already managed to save up for the full trip to Bali and can’t wait to become a yoga instructor! “


Way to go Patrick! We look forward to hearing the rest of your journey.

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