I have done other personal training and HITT classes, however, I had found it really hard to be consistent with it.

I find that the HITT/Bootcamp classes had led me to have a lot of muscle/joint pain. I had stopped going because I had realized that when my form was not good it wouldn’t get corrected and as a result I would start straining parts of my body, especially because you are try to go as hard as you can because the teacher is encouraging you too.

My favorite thing about Megan and the 4 points team is that they take the time to know there clientele.

I actually think they know everyone by name.

But they modify the exercises for you even when you are in a group setting; they are constantly changing your form and as a result making you stronger which makes you work out harder and see results. The classes are hard, but incredibly efficient. Especially, when I have a busy schedule it’s awesome that I can get a 30 minute workout in that gives me results like theirs.

I am a dentist and my back, neck, posture are always hurting and being compromised. I would have to go for dry needling every 2 weeks just to get relief. Since going to 4 points, and especially since seeing Megan, I haven’t had to go at all. I feel stronger during the day and feel like I have more support for my body.

Megan started the work out by correcting my posture by focusing on where my muscles are the weakest to help me balance the stress of the day.

It has been life changing as I had pain all the time.

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I find with Megan that it’s not just a workout but she is so knowledgeable that she is can target area’s to help make you stronger and healthier long term. She sees the weaknesses in your body and where you might be overcompensating with other muscles and help rehabilitate the muscle systems to be more in sync with each other.

As a result you feel and look better long term.

Thank you Sara A. for your awesome testimonial!

Megan Simonelis is a Personal Trainer and HIIT class instructor. 
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