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Whatever your physical health goals are, your nutrition is a major component in attaining them. You could work out every single day and push yourself to your limits, but if your diet does not coincide with your exercise regiment, you may not be seeing the results you truly desire. Nutrition is not only essential for individuals that go to the gym every day; in fact, your nutrition influences your body’s reaction to stress, pain, exhaustion, and allergies. Qualified nutrition consultants dedicate years studying and earning qualifications and certifications to help people of all different body types achieve personal success. Here are three reasons you may wish to enlist the help of a nutrition consultant:


You Seek Advice on Weight Loss


You could be focusing your workouts on cardio and strength training in hopes that you’ll lose 5 or 6 pounds, but if your diet does not harmonize with your fitness goals, you may be noticing little-to-no progress whatsoever. Establishing a proper diet for weight loss is incredibly difficult; this is due to healthy foods being pricier than fatty & sugary foods. Individuals who don’t eat healthy foods such as fruits & veggies, Greek yogurt, lean meats or wholegrain cereal tend to believe these foods are unappetizing and may disregard them while grocery shopping. A nutrition consultant will be able to assess your current diet and formulate a meal plan and dietary module to follow which will help you lose weight.


You Think You May Be Allergic to Certain Foods


When you go visit the doctor’s office with stomach pains, indigestion or heartburn they may prescribe you with medications to offset the pain or discomfort you may be feeling. However, did you know that your pain may be more related to your dietary choices rather than a real medical issue? Individuals suffering from gluten or lactose intolerance may not realize they are allergic to certain foods and may continue to eat them and experience insufferable discomfort. A nutrition consultant will be able to examine your current diet and provide you with recommendations about which foods to ignore.


You’re Constantly Fatigued


It seems nowadays everybody is talking about how tired they are; stress, work life and late bedtimes all contribute towards a tired body and mind. However, did you know your dietary choices can impact your energy levels? Your energy levels are drastically crucial to your performance at work, at home, and to your physical and mental health. Fatty and sugary foods may taste delicious, but they may not be working to provide you with sustainable energy to keep your mind invigorated throughout the day. Upon speaking to a nutrition consultant about your diet, they will make educated suggestions & recommendations about which foods you need to eat more regularly for increased energy.


An inability to see progress in your weight loss, consistent allergies and constant fatigue are problems millions of Canadians deal with every day. Addressing your nutrition and diet will better your life and speaking to a nutrition consultant is a positive step you can take to improving your overall wellbeing.

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