If you suffer from neck or back pain, you might be well-suited for a trip to the chiropractor. However, did you know that a chiropractor isn’t just useful for individuals suffering from back or neck discomfort? There are some hidden benefits that many are unfamiliar with. Many musculoskeletal disorders can be treated with the help of a licensed chiropractor. This includes recovery and recuperation from sports injuries and pregnancies. Here are three different things that a licensed chiropractor can help you with:


Pain in Your Lower Back


This is the most common form of treatment that licensed chiropractors deal with. Chiropractors will often manipulate your spine and re-align the composition of your back to relieve tension and promote your body’s healing capabilities. The activities and exercises that you engage in, whether it be long-distance jogging, weightlifting, or even sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, will eventually take a toll on your central nervous system. A chiropractor can perform techniques on your spine to relieve that strain. Whether you’ve been dealing with short-term or long-term lower back pain, refusal to have it treated by a chiropractor may contribute to headaches and an inability to engage in physical activities.


Pain Associated with Pregnancy


Pregnant women experience an abundance of aches and pains, and the delivery isn’t the only laborious aspect related to pregnancy. Standing, sitting, walking and climbing upstairs can take a significant toll on a pregnant woman’s lower back and pelvis. While pregnant, the options to relieve pain are extremely limited because many of the ingredients in pain-killing medications are dangerous to the unborn fetus. The position of the baby inside the uterus may contribute to the pain a pregnant woman feels. The alignment of a pregnant woman’s pelvis and lower back affect the position of the uterus;  chiropractors work with pregnant women to ensure their uterus is in a neutral position which gives the fetus the best chance to grow in great health, prevents it from entering a breech position, and aids doctors in the delivery process.


Headache Alleviation


Headaches can be devastating. They can ruin one’s ambition to workout, pursue a creative endeavour, focus, or possess a positive attitude. Did you know that many headaches are caused by pressure and tension in your upper back and neck area? Over time, tension will build in these regions, whether it be due to prolonged sitting, improper form while working out, or poor posture.  Chiropractors have the skill set to safely manipulate the muscles and tissue in your neck and upper back so that you will feel loose and not so uptight. A chiropractor will also be able to assess your current diet and offer healthier recommendations to help reduce your susceptibility to headaches. If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, be sure to visit a chiropractor.


So many people live through pain and rely on over the counter medication for relief. Visiting a chiropractor may reduce the amount of medicine you purchase and can provide more beneficial results. For more information on the benefits of chiropractic work, contact 4 Points Health and Wellness Centre today!

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