Yoga is a popular global activity; nearly 300,000,000 people from all over the world practice it daily. Yoga is an incredibly healthy and beneficial exercise that can be practiced by anyone of any age. There are many different reasons why yoga may be right for you. Here are five reasons why yoga may help you in your current condition.

Reduce Stress

Many things can contribute to pent up stress. Whether you experience physical or mental stress, studies suggest that yoga could reduce discomfort. In the long run, we need to reduce the amount of stress we feel daily, or otherwise, we risk worsening the effects of anxiety and depression. Taking care of both body and mind will ensure that you remain at the top of your game and that we are ready to overcome all the challenges that life throws at us.

Reduces Inflammation

In moderation, inflammation is necessary for your body and your immune system. When you injure yourself, your body uses acute inflammation to initiate the healing process. However, when you contort your body into strenuous positions (i.e. standing or sitting for many hours with poor posture), your muscles and ligaments may become inflamed. When we practice yoga, our bodies produce a hormone known as Adiponectin, which is used to reduce painful inflammation.

Improves Flexibility & Core Balance

When you perform yoga, you activate and strengthen certain muscles that control your balance and flexibility. Improving your flexibility and balance is important to ensure that you remain strong, especially as you age. Flexibility and core strength ensure that you are physically able to perform tasks at work and day-to-day activities such as bending down to tie your shoes or reaching above your head for an item on a high shelf. Many adults engage in recreational sports to stay fit and have fun; therefore, by bolstering your flexibility and core balance, you will reduce your risk of injury and further develop your athletic skills.

Harmonious with Resistance Training

Many adults pay for gym memberships to stay fit, which is beneficial to their overall health. Resistance training, also known as strength training, involves lifting weights to maintain and improve strength. Yoga, although not commonly thought of as a method to improve muscle strength, is an extremely beneficial tool for those looking to gain muscle mass. As previously stated, your core strength allows you to exert your physical capabilities, and by practicing yoga methods on a routine basis, you are strengthening your body and enhancing your ability to engage in various workouts.

Yoga is a meditation experience, unlike any other. Yoga can reduce stress levels and inflammation and can also improve your flexibility, core balance and overall strength. If you’ve heard about yoga but were unsure of where you could practice it, contact 4 Points Health & Wellness Centre today for more information including class schedules.

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