Fall is a wonderful time of year, as festive events jump into gear, and the colours of nature begin to change; however, shortened days and longer nights can take their toll on your motivation & drive, which may cause you to avoid social outings and events. You may feel less inclined to work out after a long day at work or school. Thankfully, group classes exist to help keep those that feel unmotivated or tired focused, excited &, most importantly, healthy! The best part about group classes is that there are so many different kinds available so you can enroll in one that suits your personal needs/goals. Here are the top 5 benefits of enrolling in a group class:


As mentioned, prior, your ambition and motivation to workout may falter as the nights get colder and darker; you may feel inspired to sit on your couch and watch TV all night. Regain your interest in exercise by attending a high-paced group class with exciting music and an engaging coach! Another benefit is that you’ll feel the need to keep up with the rest of the class, which may bring out the best in you and your workout!


It can be difficult to feel good about your workout plan if you have no plan to follow. Attaining success is only possible if you’re willing to work for it and stay focused even through difficult times, which is why group classes work so well for individuals that have ‘given up hope’ when it comes to working out. Group classes typically run at the same time each week and, depending on your workout, will ensure your whole body is getting balanced and intensive conditioning.


It’s a lot harder to miss a workout when you know your coach and your peers are expecting you to show up. You build connections with the people in your group class and rely on each other to attend the classes and advance together. This can serve as an inspiration to keep trying and to improve each class.

Support System

The coach and your peers are in it together. Group classes function as a team, where everybody is pushing everybody to put in their very best effort. It can be difficult to push yourself sometimes, which is something that you’ll never worry about in a group class. Seeing your peers put in a solid workout will encourage you to do the same, which will help you attain your goals more confidently.


Mostly, group classes are a ton of fun for everybody involved! Being able to socialize, dance, learn new skills, all while securing an adrenaline rush, making group classes so popular and successful! Invite your family or friends for even more fun!

Whatever your fitness goals are, signing up for a group class will prove beneficial! Although 4 points has group fitness classes, we make sure to tailor these classes to each individual attending so there is something for everyone in a group training class, and you need to find the one for you. For more information, contact 4 Points Health and Wellness today!

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