As many Canadians continue to social distance at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, for many full-time employees, the work hasn’t stopped; many companies and small businesses have allowed their employees to work from home. Much of this work is restricted to computer activity, which makes it important for people to be mindful of their sitting positions and posture. Sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day or more can impact your physical health and cause bodily pains and aches. Here are a few things you can do to prevent poor posture while working from home.

What Is Good Posture?

Good posture is attained when you situate your body in positions that equally distribute tension. Proper posture allows workers to move the parts of their body without strain, and it prevents abrasion to muscle groups and joints. The primary benefit of establishing proper posture is it helps keep the spine healthy, which is essential for a person’s overall health. 

Establishing Proper Posture

Improving your posture is not difficult, but it does require some mindfulness. Here are a few things to do to establish proper posture while working at home.

  • Sit up, keep your shoulders and back straight. 
  • Don’t place your computer monitor too close to your body – keep it, at least, an arm’s length away.
  • Invest in an ergonomic office chair – these chairs are designed to support your back and keep your spine correct.
  • When taking calls, use headphones to communicate – holding a phone up to your ear or supporting it with your shoulder can result in neck strain.
  • Position the mouse and keyboard near each other to prevent overextending your arms.
  • Take breaks – staring at your computer screen for hours is not only a recipe for eye strain, but it can lead to muscle tension and discomfort.

Reminding Yourself Throughout the Day

Establishing proper posture does take time; it’s easy to fall back into your slouching position. To prevent this, start by setting an alarm on your phone every 60 minutes. As you get into your work, your alarm will go off, and it will allow you to check your posture and fix it if it is poor. As soon as you make proper posture a habit, you will begin to notice the associated health benefits.

Additional Tips 

Here are some other pieces of advice to help you with your posture

  • Perform a full body stretch before you begin your work and half-way throughout your day
  • If you need to pick up any items in your home, bend with your knees, not your back
  • Invest in a lumbar support system for your work chair

If you’re experiencing tightness issues with your hip and back, consider trying Yin Yoga! At 4 Points Health and Wellness, we’re currently offering a 6 week online series to teach patients the ins and outs of the practice. For more information, contact us today!

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