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High intensity interval training. A 45min circuit class utilizing TRX, Moveball, and bodyweight exercises. All levels welcome.

Full Body GRIND

Moveball & TRX together is a HIIT style workout fun for everyone!
Moveball is a whole body muscular endurance and cardiovascular workout.
TRX is a suspension training system that develops physical strength, balance, and flexibility while using functional movements and dynamic positions.

Low Impact

This is a fitness class designed to be more low impact than our regular TRX/MoveBall classes. Great for people just getting back into a fitness routine, or someone that needs something less intense.

Maximum GRIND

A combination of Moveball/TRX with added intensity and longer rounds. This an advanced class.

Mobility and Fascial Release

This recovery class has a focus fascial release and mobility using foam rollers and therapy balls.
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