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The Lifestyle Initiative

Revolutionize Your Health with 4 Points Health & Wellness

The 4 Points Health and Wellness team is transforming 4 lives in 6 months – and you could be one of them!

A few months ago, the 4 Points team got together to brainstorm a community project that could change lives & showcase the many services they provide.

The conversation led to the team of personal trainers, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a nutritionist, and a neurofeedback specialist designing The Lifestyle Initiative.

They asked: “What would happen if someone spent 6 months devoted to enhancing their health both physically and mentally?”

How would their life change?

Imagine how good you’d feel; practicing yoga on regular basis, getting a massage, receiving expert nutritional advice and grocery shopping lists, getting adjusted by a chiropractor, having the brain and the body exercise…

Essentially focusing on your health for six months and documenting the changes.


This 6 month journey is completely free and we are now accepting applications!

How do I join?



    • Fill out the form below to apply.
    • Interviews will take place in January.
    • Four lucky applicants will be announced January 31st.





Q: Can I submit an application for my friend?

A: We would prefer you have your friend apply – as we need direct consent. Feel free to share this page with your friends who may be interested!

Q: How do you choose the four people?

A: We look at commitment above all – if you are not able to devote a minimum of 5 hours a week, then you should not apply. We also want applicants who are willing to learn & try new health routines that they might not usually try and be willing to push themselves to achieve their goals.

Q: Do I have to have any previous experience in working out/health/wellness?

A: Absolutlely not! It doensn’t matter if you haven’t been to a gym in years – or you could be going regularly. We want to accept a variety of people into the initiative. We would prefer to see people who actively struggle in achieving their health & wellness goals, as we want to help those who need the most guidance.

Q: What happens if I am accepted and I cannot continue the initiative?

A: We ask that anyone who begins must be able to complete the minimum asked. If not then we may have to find a replacement – which we do not want to do! We want you to be successful, and to be successful you have to take your health as serious as we do. Of course we cannot avoid any major life events that can affect you – but with a strong support team you can achieve anything!

Q: Will I be asked to share my journey on my social media?

A: YES! We will be asking you to take photos, videos and share them with your friends and family on your social media accounts. We want to show all of Edmonton how much we’ve achieved together!


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