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What happens when you give four people six months of free health & fitness programming?

Our four participants experienced so much more than you would expect. From going to Bali to take yoga teacher training to learn how to love life better, our participants show us that although we may have our excuses, there is no excuse great enough to not put your health first.

We’ve overcome quite a bit this last year (13 surgeries between our two children, closing our business, financial issues and moving suddenly from our home of 8 years) but this Initiative program has done me wonders. I really needed it for my own self wellness. I’ve been so used to taking care of my family and kids I forgot to take care of myself. For me this was a great opportunity to have “Mommy-time” without having to worry about the kids…over the past 6 months I definitely reached and surpassed my life goals. Shelley

I’m more in shape, I’ve got more confidence, my migraines have decreased, my reliance on medication has decreased…there’s numerous, countless amount of changes. Teyler

In the next year I plan on attending yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia. Yoga calms my mind. Before I started at 4 Points, I was stuck in my head all the time thinking negative thoughts. It helped me open up. Patrick

I didn’t see what I thought I would see in my body, but now have a different appreciation for how my body moves. Fitness is more than just your body, it’s your mind and everything else. I had problems sleeping, I was anxious, I felt over stressed and couldn’t focus. Now with Neurofeedback I can sleep, I don’t worry all the time and I am relaxed. Astrid

The Lifestyle Initiative Final Interview

What is ‘The Lifestyle Initiative?’
January 1st, 2018 the 4 Points Health team got together to brainstorm a community project that could change lives & showcase the many services they provide. The conversation led to the team of personal trainers, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a nutritionist, and a neurofeedback specialist designing The Lifestyle Initiative. The initiative began January 1st and ended July 31, 2018.
Who is participating?
We have 4 participants: Shelley, Teyler, Patrick and Astrid.
How do I join a health and fitness program?
After The Lifestyle Initiative, 4 Points Health & Wellness launched The Karma Health & Fitness Program.  To learn more or apply, click here.  For your own personally developed health program, call the centre at 780-705-5775.

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Astrid: One month into TLI

One month ago I started the Lifestyle Initiative at 4 Points Health and Wellness. It’s been a busy first month with changing jobs, getting the routine set and following all the guidelines of the program. Let’s start off with the successes: WINS EATING: I’m going to...

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Shelley : Day 28 of TLI

Day 28 of my Journey in the “Lifestyle Initiative” Program There are not enough words in the English Dictionary to describe the gratitude I have for all the wonderful staff at 4 Points Health & Wellness. Only after such a short time…I already feel like I am part of a...

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Announcing The Lifestyle Initiative!

Announcing our Lifestyle Initiative participants Hey guys! Its Alyssa here at 4 Points Health & Wellness. I know we've had a lot of hype about the program about who got selected. It was an emotional process in selecting as we had so many great applicants. But, before...

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