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Functional Movement Massage Therapy (FMMT)

Do you sometimes feel like your body forgets how to move without discomfort or stiffness? This can affect our whole body and mental well being- from muscle and tendon pain, reduced joint mobility, increased tension and stress. This is where Functional Movement Massage Therapy comes in.

Functional Movement Massage Therapy (FMMT)

What is Functional Movement Massage Therapy (FMMT)?

Functional  Movement Massage Therapy or (FMMT) is a unique form of therapeutic  massage that combines massage with stretching and joint movement. It is  an effective treatment for acute or chronic injuries as well as ongoing  musculoskeletal conditions.

The  treatment integrates 4 main modalities: myofascial release, trigger  point therapy, assisted stretching, and joint mobilizations with a clear  focus on improving functional movement and mobility and reducing pain.  This blend of techniques is geared towards not only addressing the  immediate issue but also works to correct the adaptive or protective  accommodations that can lead to chronic or lingering injuries. These  adaptive patterns affect, posture, joint alignment, and functional  movement. This can impede healthy mobility and affect activity levels at  work and home.

As  a more active and assisted movement treatment, it’s like having a  massage, doing yoga, and having a personal movement coach helping you  all at the same time.

Sessions  take place on a wide floor mat, with the recipient wearing loose  comfortable clothing which provides a versatile environment for therapy.

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