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Welcome to 4 Points Health and Wellness

We are a full-service clinic offering programs for all-round physical well being and maintenance of health

at a high standard.

Our Mission

To take an all-encompassing approach to health, looking through multiple lenses.

Get to Know the Team

Welcome to 4 Points health! A clinic whose philosophy is exceptional client care and service. We are a group of certified professionals who treat each other and our clients with the highest standard of care and well being in mind.

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Our Talented Wellness Specialists

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Alyssa Schmidt

Owner, Personal Trainer

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Dr. Savannah Slater


Edmonton Personal Trainer

Vlada Pedashenko

Massage Therapist

Edmonton Personal Trainer


Massage Therapist

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Dawn Webb


Edmonton Personal Trainer

Sara Obacz

Nutrition Consultant

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Dr. Brett Klesko

Owner, Chiropractor

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Annabelle Newhook

Exercise Specialist/Physiotherapist

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Reno On

Massage Therapist

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Taurean Wellman

Personal Trainer

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Eric Krepstekies

Provisional Psychologist

Edmonton Personal Trainer


Support Staff

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Dr. Ashley Dueck


Edmonton Personal Trainer

Matthew Mohler


Edmonton Personal Trainer

Kaitlyn Sherback

Massage Therapist

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Ashley Kee

Doctor of Acupuncture + Wholistic Healer

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Erica Attia

Provisional Psychologist

Edmonton Personal Trainer


Assistant Trainer

Stories from Our Clients

Stella, Chiropractic Patient

"I tried 2 different chiropractors and I wasn't getting: transparency on the prices, treatment plan, etc, basically any clarity regarding my condition. I was skeptical and scared to even try someone else, cause I felt so uncomfortable with the whole system already, but I gave a shot to Brett and he changed my life... Every time I leave his office, I feel almost brand new. I can't thank him enough for giving me my life back.

Mikhaila, Chiropractic Patient

"Dr. Slater is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her career. Her extensive knowledge has brought me so much relief after struggling for years with chronic back pain. I am completely confident in trusting her with any adjustments she makes. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Slater."

Skye, Client

"Never felt more support and help from an array of professionals ever in my life. If you are unsure about one or another, just be honest with your issues and they will find solutions for you. No matter what is going on in my life, I am confident and happy to announce that I would never decide to go elsewhere"

Nikola, Client

"Amazing staff who are extremely encouraging, knowledgeable and friendly. Four points has changed my life and I highly advise anyone who needs a real kick in the butt to go here and get things moving. Highly recommended. Thanks for changing my life guys."

Are You Ready to Feel Better, Benefit Your Health, and Improve Your Life?

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