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Alyssa Schmidt
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Edmonton Personal Trainer
Brett Klesko

Alyssa Schmidt

Alyssa grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and was passionate about health from a young age. Following university, she worked in an intensive trauma treatment home with children. Throughout these years she began to envision a new way to approach health through multiple modalities and founded 4 Points Health and Wellness in 2014. Experiencing her own obstacles and burnout along this journey, Alyssa now hopes to help others find the healthiest version of them self while succeeding in life

Dr. Brett Klesko

is a second generation Chiropractor, born, raised, and practicing in the Edmonton area. Being both a Chiropractic patient and doctor has given him a unique perspective on treating the human body. Dr. Brett utilizes numerous Chiropractic Techniques ranging from classic adjustments, to low-force and instrument adjusting. This variety allows him to successfully treat and adapt his care to any person, of any age, of any body type; including expectant mothers; newborns, infants and children of all ages; the aging population; and those with acute and chronic conditions. More than anything, Dr. Brett’s passion is showing people the power of prevention through lifestyle change, stopping disease before it starts.

Rupider Bains

Rupinder Bains


I am excited to be a part of the 4 Points Health and Wellness team! I have always been passionate about working with people and it truly has been an honour to witness the journey of so many towards fulfillment. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, my goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for individuals, couples and families as they navigate setbacks and discover their own resiliency.

I take on an eclectic approach in therapy to better suit the client's needs, this involves integrating different modes of therapy involving a client-centered approach, existential based work, cognitive behavioural therapy and play therapy (for children). My personal goal as a clinician is to offer a compassionate, non-judgemental space to foster psychological growth.


By listening with an open heart, my purpose is to help one recognize their limiting beliefs and begin to focus on their strengths and intrinsic value to unlock full potential.

My passion and curiosity for this field is limitless. I have always been fascinated by the strength of the human spirit and it's resiliency. Its truly a privilege to work in this field and to witness an individual's journey as they strive towards happiness and fulfillment. I look forward to serving you!

Ashley Lylick

Ashley Lylick


Ashley is an advocate of work-life balance and self-care, who believes in a wholistic approach to health and wellness. As someone who is a lover of learning and has a passion for helping others, she has spent the past 15 years learning various modalities and techniques so that she can offer a well-rounded practice to her clients – body mind + soul. On her journey as a healer, she has obtained her Masters in Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho), Access Bars® (Access Consciousness), and Subconscious Imprinting, as well as over 500+ hours in Yoga trainings – ranging from meditation to Nidra, philosophy to Ayurveda, as well as BEology and PTSD-Trauma specific trainings. Formally she has received certifications in Disability Management from MacEwan University and Occupation Health & Safety from the University of New Brunswick, as well as her Diploma in Acupuncture from MacEwan University.

Vlada Pedashenko

Vlada Pedashenko

Vlada specializes in deep tissue work, trigger point and myofascial release with incorporation of Graston technique, as well as cupping. Being heavily involved in fitness herself, Vlada is able to tailor to athletes and patients looking to improve their performance with ease.


Dr. Savannah Slater

Is passionate about health and wellness. She pursued a career as a Chiropractor in hopes of inspiring others to be passionate not only about their health and wellness, but their body as a whole. Dr. Slater is well versed in a variety of different chiropractic techniques, which allows her to provide personalized care for every patient that walks through her door. She prides herself on providing individualized, and comfortable care. 

Savannah Slater
Reno On

Reno On

Born and raised in Edmonton, Reno was a Red Seal Chef before changing careers into Healthcare. He is a fun loving individual who loves to study anatomy and physiology. Health for Reno is reached by investing in, and taking care of, yourself. More than anything, Reno thrives on seeing progress in a condition motivating him to learn more, including new modalities that can help his clients reduce daily pain, stress, and general tightness. As a chef, Reno understands repetitive strain injuries well. I love learning new modalities that can help my clients reduce daily pain, stress, and tight muscles. Reno specializes in Hot-Stone Therapy and Kinesio-Taping. Hot Stones help the therapist melt away adhesions and relax the muscles to make the treatment much easier. Kinesio-Taping helps with supporting soft tissue externally by directional movement, by raising the skin to promote blood and lymph flow, and/or supporting an injured area. Book with Reno and you will be blown away by his unique and powerful combination of skills.

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Ashley Dueck
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Dr. Ashley Dueck


Dr. Dueck obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in Portland Oregon. Ashley was dedicated to becoming a Chiropractor early on in life as the profession helped her pursue excellence throughout an extensive athletic career.


She was fortunate to start working and shadowing in a Chiropractic office from the age of 14. Her enthusiasm for sports and a compassion for helping others affords her a unique approach to personalized and comfortable hands on treatment.

Matt Mohler

Matt Mohler


He graduated with a Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta in 2019, and joined the 4 Points team in early 2022. Prior to completing his physiotherapy program, he graduated from MacEwan University with a Bachelors of Science degree while also playing with the varsity volleyball team for 5 years. Matt uses a variety of manual therapy techniques in conjunction with individualized therapeutic exercise, while also placing a high emphasis on patient education and self management strategies. He is also certified in Therapeutic Dry Needling, which can be a very effective tool to reduce trigger points, alleviate pain, and normalize neuromuscular function.


At 4 Points, we try to provide physiotherapy services a little differently than a lot of clinics out there. We offer longer assessment times, 1 on 1 treatment throughout the entirety of the booked session, and a focus on evidence-based therapy. So if you’re tired of minimal face-to-face time with your physio, your physio bouncing between multiple clients, or laying on a bed with passive modalities (heat, ice, ultrasound, etc) being used for a majority of your treatment, come give us a shot!


Shakira Clackson

Shakira is passionate about nutrition and all areas of health and wellness. After learning about nutrition and the power that diet and lifestyle have on well-being, she has transformed her life and health and now strives to help as many people as possible live their best, healthiest, happiest lives. Shakira recognizes that everyone is biochemically unique and that no one diet or lifestyle will work for everyone. When approaching your nutritional needs, she will not only assess your health history, but also your emotional state, lifestyle, and dietary habits to determine the root cause of any health issues and to identify any underlying factors that are getting in the way of you reaching your health goals.

Dawn Webb

Dawn Webb


Registered acupuncturist graduated from Reeves College of Acupuncture Program with honours. Treating conditions such as anxiety, digestive issues, muscle tension and a host of others. Acupuncture balances the body by clearing blockages allowing the body to heal itself organically with the insertion of needles. The other modalities used are electricity, cupping, ion pumping cords, and rapid release. I also use the diagnostic tool Acugraph to measure and graph the body's energy to show the imbalances in the body. A non-invasive way to see how the body's energy is flowing and as treatments progress corrections are seen. I would be happy to demonstrate for anyone interested to see how I can help. 

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Taurean Wellman
is a personal trainer who will set the personal training standard from effective and proper application of warm-ups to powerful workouts. Putting the 'personal' back into training is what he strive to do, with an end goal, to empower people to have suffered from setbacks so they can achieve and maintain their own optimal wellness.
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Kaitlyn Sherback

Kaitlyn started her massage journey working with elderly patients providing them with comfort and pain management. Kaitlyn has expanded her scope to now include athletic specific massage and  more complicated chronic pain conditions such as thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, and postural dysfunction‘s.


Anita Mittal

Anita believes that healing should be a complete service; healing the body, mind and spirit. We all deserve to be at peace within ourselves, and Anita is passionate on empowering you to walk that healing path.

Integrating her certifications in hypnotherapy, somatic therapy, conflict resolution, energy healing, cognitive behavioural therapy and 20+ years of being in the Social Work field, Anita will support you with healing your chronic pain, traumas. anxiety, and spiritual emergencies using your nervous system as your guide. 


Eric Krepstekies

Eric is a registered provisional psychologist, born in Edmonton, and practicing in the community for over 4 years. As a narrative therapist, Eric believes an important part of fostering growth, change, and acceptance surrounds how an individual defines themselves and defines their lives during difficult situations. He works to help clients deconstruct unhelpful narratives and build positive ones. He has extensive experience working with a wide range of different people, cultures and population groups with a variety of issues, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationships. Eric believes a vital aspect of achieving healthy and helpful therapy is the therapeutic relationship. He seeks the client’s input and guidance in order to make treatment most beneficial for them. In that way, therapy is a collaborative process in its creation, implementation, and maintenance.

Steve Mariotti
Steve Pic 1.png

Steven Mariotti

Steve completed his Masters in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta in 2019. Previously he completed a Bachelors of Science with a Major in Human Kinetics and a Minor in Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph in 2015.

Steve was drawn into the profession of Physical Therapy after suffering from a number of sports injuries in his youth. Physical Therapy helped him achieve a full recovery and allowed him to get back to the activities he loves. His current hobbies include canoeing, hiking, backcountry camping, and recreational sports with friends. Steven has a passion for travelling and has backpacked in many places around the world.

Steve’s treatments focus on strong education, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and patient empowerment to help individuals get back to the things they love doing most in life. His goal is to give you the tools you need to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Steven is fully certified in Dry Needling, Spinal Manipulation, and Vestibular Rehabilitation.
In his free time, he likes to stay active and spend time with his wife and daughter.


Lola is a rescue from Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue and absolutely loves human affection. She’s a keen pupper who loves to learn new tricks and enjoys long walks with her mama (Ashley L). Fun fact - her favourite snack/treat is romaine lettuce leaves!

Mary is a street dog from Thailand who can usually be found sleeping on her bed or beside Alyssa. She’s still a little anxious at times, but loves being an assistant trainer and distracting clients with cuddles during their water breaks. This duo is inseparable
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