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Chiropractic Care next?

4 Points Health and Wellness pride ourselves in providing exceptional chiropractic health care through each phase of your life! We have 4 Chiropractors to help you.

From physiotherapy for your body wellness to psychology well-being. 4 Points Health and Wellness is a one-stop shop for all your physical needs - with direct billing for most health services. 

Men and Women are accepted.

$110 Chiropractor Initial Adjustments!

Chiropractors standing in front of their moss 4 points framed picture


Do You Struggle With The Following?

Back Pain

back pain


Head ache sign character

Joint Pain

Joint pain sign character


Arthritis Pain Characture

Chiropractors Can Help!

Our chiropractic services and physiotherapy are designed to diagnose and treat various forms of pain and injury. We also provide active preventative care to ensure you get the best results possible!

Chiropractic Benefits

  • Chiropractic medicine reduces reliance on pain relieving medication

  • Eases lower back, joint and headache pain symptoms

  • Helps improve posture

  • Increases joint mobility

  • Can help with scoliosis and sciatica issues

  • Reduces inflammation

  • The game plan to start working on the rest of you

Key Components for Chiropractic Care

  • Abnormal movement or position of our bones and joints

  • Nerve dysfunction due to pressure or irritation to surrounding nerves

  • Muscle changes such as spasm or atrophy

  • Cellular changes in the body through the release of inflammatory hormones

  • Altered receptor function due to abnormal input

Chiropractic Medicine

  • Chiropractors receive 4,200 hours of training in core competencies of musculoskeletal conditions.

  • One of the fastest growing health care professions in Canada

  • A regulated health profession recognized by legislation in all Canadian provinces and American states

  • Used by 4.7 million Canadians each year

Book a Chiropractor and feel the results for YOURSELF

$125 Initial Adjustments!

Meet The Chiropractor Team

4 Points Health and Wellness is a clinic whose philosophy is exceptional chiropractic care and service. We are a group of certified professionals who treat our clients, and each other, with the highest standard of care and wellbeing in mind.

Alyssa Schmidt a 4 Points Personal Trainer/Owner

Alyssa Schmidt | Owner

Alyssa grew up in Edmonton, Alberta and was passionate about health from a young age. Following university, she worked in an intensive trauma treatment home with children.


Throughout these years she began to envision a new way to approach health through multiple modalities and founded 4 Points Health and Wellness in 2014.


Experiencing her own obstacles and burnout along this journey, Alyssa now hopes to help others find the healthiest version of them self while succeeding in life.

Doctor Brett Klesko standing

Dr. Brett Klesko | Owner/Chiropractor

A second generation Chiropractor - born, raised, and practicing in the Edmonton area. Brett has been both a Chiropractic patient and doctor, which has given him a unique perspective on treating the human body.


Brett utilizes numerous Chiropractic techniques ranging from classic adjustments, to low-force and instrument adjusting. This variety allows him to successfully treat and adapt his care to any person, of any age, of any body type; including expectant mothers; newborns, infants and children of all ages; the aging population; and those with acute and chronic conditions.


More than anything, Dr. Brett’s passion is showing people the power of prevention through lifestyle change, stopping diseases before it starts.

Picture of Doctor Savannah Slater, who is a chiropractor

Dr. Savannah Slater | Chiropractor

Dr. Slater is passionate about health and wellness. She pursued a career as a Chiropractor in hopes of inspiring others to be passionate not only about their health and wellness, but their body as a whole.


Dr. Slater is well versed in a variety of different chiropractic techniques, which allows her to provide personalized care for every patient that walks through her door. She prides herself on providing individualized and comfortable care. 

Picture of Doctor Ashley Dueck, who is a chiropractor

Dr. Ashley Dueck | Chiropractor

Dr. Dueck obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in Portland Oregon. Ashley was dedicated to becoming a Chiropractor early on in life as the profession helped her pursue excellence throughout an extensive athletic career.

She was fortunate to start working and shadowing in a Chiropractic office from the age of 14. Her enthusiasm for sports and a compassion for helping others affords her a unique approach to personalized and comfortable hands on treatment.

Lola the support dog
Picture of Mary, who is a support animal at the clinic

Lola & Mary | Support Staff

Lola is a rescue from Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue and absolutely loves human affection. She’s a keen pupper who loves to learn new tricks and enjoys long walks with her mama (Ashley L). Fun fact - her favourite snack/treat is romaine lettuce leaves!

Mary is a street dog from Thailand who can usually be found sleeping on her bed or beside Alyssa. She’s still a little anxious at times, but loves being an assistant trainer and distracting clients with cuddles during their water breaks. This duo is inseparable

Stories from Our Clients

Stella Viviana, Chiropractic Patient

"I tried 2 different chiropractors and I wasn't getting: transparency on the prices, treatment plan, etc, basically any clarity regarding my condition. I was skeptical and scared to even try someone else, cause I felt so uncomfortable with the whole system already, but I gave a shot to Brett and he changed my life... Every time I leave his office, I feel almost brand new. I can't thank him enough for giving me my life back.

Mikhaila, Chiropractic Patient

"Dr. Slater is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her career. Her extensive knowledge has brought me so much relief after struggling for years with chronic back pain. I am completely confident in trusting her with any adjustments she makes. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Slater."

Skye Tauber, Chiropractic Patient

"Never felt more support and help from an array of professionals ever in my life. If you are unsure about one or another, just be honest with your issues and they will find solutions for you. No matter what is going on in my life, I am confident and happy to announce that I would never decide to go elsewhere"

Nikola Jankovic, Chiropractic Patient

"Amazing staff who are extremely encouraging, knowledgeable and friendly. Four points has changed my life and I highly advise anyone who needs a real kick in the butt to go here and get things moving. Highly recommended. Thanks for changing my life guys."

Are You Ready For Chiro, Your Health, and To Improve Your Life?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Accept Direct Billing?

Yes! We accept direct billing for most of our services. If you have questions, you can contact us.

Do You Offer any Other Services?

Yes we do! We're a full-service health and wellness clinic with chiropractic, massage therapy, personal training, acupuncture and a variety of other services. You can visit this page to learn more.

How Do I Book?

We accept online bookings. To access our schedules and online booking platform, click here.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

We request that you provide us at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment.

Where Are You Located?

Our address is:

11634 142 Street

Suite 110

Edmonton, AB T5M 1V4

What Are Your Hours?

Our hours vary throughout the week but you can view our appointment schedule by clicking here.

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